Thursday, June 5, 2014

Holiday Pillow Cases

I am a holiday junky!  I love everything about holidays & celebrations!  It makes me happy.  When my kids were little, I tried to make all the holidays special.  I enjoyed decorating the kitchen table for breakfast so the kids would wake up to something fun for each holiday & instead of just Santa Claus leaving a surprise - Cupid came for Valentine's Day, the Leprechaun came for St Paddy's Day, the Easter Bunny came for Easter, Uncle Sam came for the 4th of July, the Great Pumpkin came for Halloween, & T.H.E. Turkey came for Thanksgiving.  They never left anything big, usually some little toy, a pencil, candy, etc.  I tried to find any excuse to celebrate & make things fun for the kids.  

As our grandchildren came along, I wanted to continue celebrating with them so I've tried to send a little something for each of the holidays.  Of course, as our numbers have increased, I have had to be more creative.  Since I love books, I usually send a holiday book to help each family build their library of children's books.  

One year, I decided to make each grandchild a holiday pillowcase to include in their holiday package.  Nothing fancy, just a yard of fabric sewn into a simple pillowcase - but I tried to use fun prints & make them so that every child in each family had a different fabric.  Many of them use them during the month of each holiday to help them get excited about the upcoming holiday.  As each new grandchild comes along, I send a whole years worth of pillow cases for their 1st birthday - that's the easiest way for me to keep track.

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