Thursday, May 15, 2014

Christmas Memory Advent

My daughter, Jill, sent us a wonderful Christmas gift this year...a Christmas Memory Advent...

Incase you can't read her note: "Our gift to you this year is a 'Memory Advent.'  We hope that you open an envelope each day until Christmas and think about how much you are loved.  This way, we almost get to spend the holiday with you.  You are wonderful grandparents to our children.  We appreciate all that you do for our family.  Have a Merry Christmas!"

Each day as we opened the next envelope, we found a photo memory (or two or three) of us with each of the kids through the years.  It was a sweet gift & a great way to remember loved ones who live far away...

By the time Christmas arrived, we had remembered some really great moments & it created a great family display...

The very last envelope, #25, contained an updated 5X10 photo of their little family that I hang in our hallway with the other family portraits & a couple of gift cards to our favorite stores.

Such a thoughtful gift of time.  One of my favorites!

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